With concepts taken from team Swinburne’s two previous dedicated electric vehicles – ts_12 and ts_13, the ts_14 was designed with a major focus on reducing weight and increasing reliability. The ts_14 is a comfortable all-round performer boasting a well-refined dynamics package that has been optimized to take advantage of the grip available at the front and rear without carrying over ts_13’s full aerodynamics package.

Major design changes included a 1:1 rear drivetrain package with independently controlled electronic differential, full composite monocoque, 10inch wheels, carbon fiber composite undertray and an in-house accumulator management system. While ts_14 lacked in low-end torque due to the simplification of its driveline, many found its presence on track surreal because of its complete silence – a side effect of no intermediate transmission.

Dimensions Front Rear
Mass (without driver)
Mass (with 68kg driver)
Track width


Suspension Front Rear
Suspension Type
Tyre Size, Compound and Make
Wheels (width and construction)
Centre of Gravity


Brake System Front Rear
Upright Assembly
Master Cylinders


Chassis Construction Monocoque
Core Thickness 18mm
Material Honeycomb sandwich panel with carbon fiber skins and grounded aluminum honeycomb core
Weight 31kg


Power Supply
Accumulator Cell Technology LiNiCoMnO2
Number of Cells 96
Peak Voltage
Accumulator Capacity 7.00kWh
Accumulator Construction Fiberglass infused with fire retardant resin


Motors 2x Enstroj Emrax LC 228
Motor Controllers 2x Tritium Wavesculpter 200
Power to Wheels Direct drive inboard mounted motors
Differential Virtual electronic
Reduction 1:1
Peak Torque 520Nm @ 0rpm
Peak Power 70kW @ 1300rpm


Type/Configuration Undertray and Sidepods
Total Downforce ad Drag Downforce = 172N Drag = 161N (at 80Kph)
Undertray Material Composite constructed – moulded
Nosecone Material Composite constructed – moulded
Sidepods Material Composite constructed – moulded


Seat Composite constructed molded seat with variable inserts
Pedal Box Sliding track, adjustable pedal box
Instrumentation Custom