ts_14 Retires

ts_14 Retires

After a year of glory, ts_14 (our 2014 competition car) has officially been retired.

A combination of members from our 2014 and 2015 teams took ts_14 out to Kenworth this month for one last drive day and lap session to say goodbye.

With our focus now on the build of ts_15 – our 2015 competition car – and driver training, we are now in full manufacturing swing with parts coming in left right and centre to assemble this years car.

With concepts taken from Team Swinburne’s two previous dedicated electric vehicles – ts_12 and ts_13, the ts_14 was designed with a major focus on lightweight and high reliability, and being an all-round performer. Major design changes included a 1:1 rear drivetrain package, full composite monocoque, 10inch wheels and an in-house accumulator management system.

Although there are many changes coming in 2015, the ts_14 has served us well and has allowed us to take further strides in design.

We all look forward to sharing ts15 with you soon.

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