Driver Training – Electric Go Karting

Driver Training – Electric Go Karting

This month’s highlight for the team members was a round of electric go karting at Hi Voltage Karts. Whether aiming for a seat in ts15, bragging rights over mates, or just a casual drift, the pace was on and the team were ready.

While previous years drivers, Brad, Luke and Matt rose to the top with low 30s and high 20s, the night was full of surprises and spills. A final shootout between the top 11 brought the intensity up, with Ryan topping the leaderboard with a 29.5.

A special thanks to Hi Voltage Karts Indoor Raceway in Ravenhall, Victoria. We could not have asked for a better facility or more fun!

The Karts themselves can reach 80km/h in 5 seconds, sound like classic F1 cars and have plenty of grip on the unpolished concrete layout. The circuit balances sweepers with hairpins and chicanes, a handful for even the best of us!
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