Countdown to Comp – Team Profiles

We’d like to take the time to introduce you to some of our team members over the coming months who have worked incredibly hard to keep us on target.

Kyle Van Berendonck
Power & Electrics

Joining Team Swinburne in 2014, Kyle is currently studying mechatronics engineering and writes open source software. Kyle joined Team Swinburne as an opportunity to add to his studies and as to further develop his personal interest in embedded software. After seeing the success of the battery management system at the 2014 competition, Kyle stayed on in 2015.

Kyle van Berendonck

In 2015, Kyle became our Power & Electrics Section Leader, and has not only facilitated the design of ts15’s electrical and power systems, but also produced significant reduction in size of boards and increase in reliability.

Kyle is currently working on a vast improvement to our charging trolley, making competition run far more smoothly and allowing us to focus on the car’s performance.


Denholm Swann
Power & Electrics

This is Denholm’s first year on Team Swinburne, and he has already made himself integral to the team. In his third year of studying at Swinburne, Denholm is currently completing his Honours in Electronics and Computer Systems Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science (Programming).

A passion for tinkering and seeing how things work led Denholm to an interest in engineering, and wanting to use that passion to gain experience and apply his theoretical knowledge brought him to Team Swinburne, which he says has been one of the best decisions he has made in his time at university and has taught him more valuable skills by working with some of the most helpful and constructive colleagues.

His highlights for the year so far have been getting the new throttle module to work for the first time, and communicating the values of the potentiometers over CAN.